Saturday, 21 May 2011

Coolest dog in town

Hello all,
I thought I'd share a few pics of Mr Dudley in his weekend attire, he he !!

I never thought I would be one of these people who post pictures of their pets, but I can't help myself, he is one of the family and so incredibly cute in his neckerchief.

I haven't managed to start any exciting crochet projects this week, as Isla-Rose has been poorly. She spent most of the week on the sofa watching Peppa Pig over and over and over again. This wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't insisted that I too became a permanent fixture on the sofa.

Whilst sat on the sofa I did manage to do a few of these....

....I have done that many of these that I can now get a pair done in under an hour, the pattern is imprinted on my tiny brain, an ideal project to do whilst watching Peppa.

These green ones are my favourite.

Will hopefully have a more interesting post next time.

Speak soon xx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Summer Shawl / Scarf

Hello all,
Thanks for popping over and having a peek at what I've been up to.
I decided to challenge myself this week and try something completely different, it dawned on me the other day that I had never used a 4ply yarn, to be honest it scared me a little, I was worried that it would be too delicate and fiddly and above all time consuming ( I do get bored quite easily) .
I love wearing scarves though and have seen some really pretty ones on Ravelry, so I took the plunge and found a beautiful pattern , you can find it here.

I can't believe how easy, enjoyable and quick it was to make. After the first 6 rows it was just a case of repeating 2 rows over and over again until I reached the desired length. I'm itching to do another in a different colour, but will have to wait as I have a few hat and bootie orders to do.

I was delighted to find this weekend that things were beginning to grow in the garden....

...... some yummy strawberries. I will be keeping a close eye on these, as last year a certain little girl picked them all whilst they were still green and ate the lot.

Ooh whats this hiding amongst the leaves.......

......he he he, it's a tiny courgette!!!

I've also noticed this morning that I have some blossom growing on the tomato plants, how exciting !

WARNING !!! If a child's play slide clearly states for over 5's only there is a reason why.

Oops , bad parent, thought she would be o.k with Lucie.

Well caught Lucie !! I will add she didn't go down the whole slide like this, she only fell off Lucie's knee on the last turn, and guess what she wanted to go "wheeeee, again, again" .

Just to prove she wasn't hurt in any way, these  photo's were taken later on in the day....

....still the most adorable perfect face, not a slide burn in sight.

Speak soon xx

Monday, 2 May 2011

Cardi for me.

Hello all, hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.

I was going to dedicate this week to finishing my bunting, but have had to put this on hold as the LYS has run out of the green cotton.
I know I should have used the opportunity of having no projects on the go and caught up with other jobs, such as, finish painting the garden bench, digging the front garden, clean out the playhouse, re pot the tomato plants, clean the whole house, blah blah blah ........ but I had spotted a cute pattern in one of my Japanese crochet books, I definitely needed a new cardi more than the tomato's needed a bigger pot.
So whilst at knit and natter on Thursday I purchased 2 balls of King Cole Bamboo, in what I would call a mustard colour, I was a bit unsure of the colour at first but had seen something similar in a shop in town, so I went with it and I'm so glad I did as I love it now it's done.

I really wanted to wear this today, so with half an hour to go before we went out I sat in the garden and tidied up all the ends, and sewed the button on whilst the kids were putting on their shoes and I'm pleased to say I made it in time and got to wear my new cardi, yippee !!

I've mentioned in previous posts about my love and addiction to home magazines, such as Country living, Ideal home.....and how I'm supposed to be cutting down , I had been managing quite well, and when ever I felt myself being drawn to them in the supermarket, I thought about what I could be buying in the wool shop instead with the money saved. Today though I will admit to buying the latest issue of Ideal Home, as it had a feature on log cabins and summer houses, so you can see I really needed it to help with the planning of my log cabin, which is still not here as we (Scott) haven't managed to finish clearing the space in the garden yet. Whilst flicking through and looking at all the lovely pictures, I found this .......

..... a crocheted garden chair, I love it and want it. Unfortunately its beyond my price range ( £200, HomeSense ) and my crocheting capabilities, so I will keep telling myself that its probably really uncomfortable, yeah right !.

Speak soon xx