Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas treats

Holiday greetings everyone!!..
Hope you all had a wonderful and restful time, I know I did.
I had some fantastic gifts this year, I have been very spoilt, here are a few of my favourites...

Some beautiful Cath Kidston goodies and a book that I have had my eye on for many months.
By boxing day I could stand it no more and had to have a go at some of  those fantastic motifs, I decided on triangles.
Nine triangles later and I had some lovely bunting.

I'm not over struck on the colours I used as I was just using what I had spare.

Not the best photos I know, I was struggling to get a decent photo as I was on my own and couldn't find anywhere to hang it, the weather doesn't help much either, so grey and dismal.
Here is motif number 2...

....more bunting maybe, I can feel a trip to the wool shop coming on, bright colours needed.

One last photo to share with you, this is a last minute christmas gift that was finished christmas eve.

Hope you all have a wonderful new year ... speak soon xxx

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Time for a new hat.

I have been struggling this week to find time to crochet, this has been due to Christmas parties, Christmas concerts, last minute Christmas shopping, wrapping presents.......the list goes on....and on.... roll on Wednesday when the children finally break up from school and we can lock ourselves away for a few days.
I did finally manage to find a little bit of me time last night, I knew I didn't have a long, an hour at the most, so out came the hook and a quick little hat pattern found at the wonderful Aesthetic Nest and in no time at all a new little cloche hat for Isla-Rose, in a beautiful plum colour.

Christmas wouldn't be complete with out a visit to Father Christmas, this is something else we have managed to squeeze in. We braved the elements and headed off to the local garden centre to visit the old man himself.
Isla has been merrily saying HO HO HO for the last few weeks each time she sees santa on the t.v or a picture, so we thought that maybe this year she may be pleased to see him, or maybe not.........

This santa was definitely onto a money spinner when we walked into the grotto, 2 minutes work for £8, luckily Lucie decided she was to old to see santa or it would have been £12, for 2 minutes in a shed with a screaming wriggling toddler. We will still do it all again next year though!!

Isla-Rose quickly forgot about the whole the thing after a visit to the coffee shop.

We bumped into another old fella on the way out of the garden centre, the kids loved him, we may just visit this one next year.

Speak soon xx

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Vintage kitchen

A few months back, I showed you all a rather cute little kitchen that I had been given. I am guessing that it's about 40 years old and had obviously been well loved .
I had the idea of giving it a makeover and sending it to santa for Isla-Rose.
It sat in the garage for many months and I was begining to think I wouldn't get round to cleaning it up, luckily my wonderful father in law took the task in hand ( thankyou John ).
The kitchen was sanded and repainted and then given back to me to do the pretty bits, so here are the before and after photos...



Pretty lining in the drawers.
 I can't wait for her to see it, I am going to have it all set up for her, ready for her to play with straight away, the cupboards will be stocked with cups, saucers, pots and pans. Cakes, biscuits, sandwiches and a basket of fruit will also be waiting for her.
How exciting!!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on the earwarmers from my last post.
Speak soon.xx

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Warm ears and warm tummy.

I have been busy with some more christmas pressies this week and found a great pattern for these lovely ear warmers, the pattern was found at Yarn, needles and a cup of coffee , it's a great blog and highly recommend you pop over for a look.

They are really quick and easy to do,  I used dk instead of 4ply to make them a bit warmer, they look quite chunky when finished as they are made with a puff stitch.

I recommended this pattern to the wonderful Kandi over at Kandipandi's and she has done something wonderful with the flower, she also has a little extra to show you as well, hehe!! I won't tell you what, you will have to visit to see!

As well as having warm ears when you are out and about, it is essential that you also have warm hands and a warm tummy, this is Lucies favourite way to achieve this..

Hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles is just as important as hat, scarf and gloves when you are on a weekend winter walk, don't you think ?

Speak soon xx

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Stockings and snow

At last I have my camera back in full working order, yipee I have missed her.

I don't usually put the xmas decorations up quite this early but with all this snow and seeing all the other festive blogs I couldn't resist getting a few bits out, the tree will have to wait until the weekend. 
 These are the stockings I made last year, I was fairly new to crocheting when I made them and the very first time I had ever followed a pattern. They took me weeks to make but I was so pleased with them once they were finished. Looking at them again this year I can see a few faults but I still love them and hope they will be around for many years to come.

I was going to share with you a photo of the ear warmers I made for the xmas fair, but they all went before I managed to get the camera working, I have a few more to make so will make sure I get a snap.
I have also had a few orders for the cowls I made, I am being kept very busy.

I used a brooch fastening for the flower so there is the choice of where to put it or to take it off and wear it with something else.

I had two baby hats left after the fair so these have gone in the box for next years fairs as I don't think this style will date.

I will admit to trying to squash the purple one on Isla-Roses head as I love it so much, but it wouldn't fit.

Before I go I will share with you one last piccie, snow related of course.

I think Isla is fed up of being stuck in the house, she spends ages with her nose pressed up to the windows looking longingly at the falling snow.

Speak soon xx