Thursday, 28 April 2011

1st Camping Trip This Year.

Hello all, hope you all had a fantastic Easter.
We were lucky enough to squeeze in a camping trip to Derbyshire, to try out our new tent.
The weather was beautiful in the day, but I will admit to being a little chilly at night, must invest in some warmer sleeping bags.

The campsite was great for the kids, plenty of room to play and kick the ball about.

We didn't do anything too exerting, a few small walks...

......relaxing and reading,.......

Lunch in the local pub.....

and most important of all , time for a little hooky, whilst sitting in the sun and a nice cold beer.

I managed to get a few triangles of bunting done.

In my last post I was torn between 2 patterns for my bunting, but have settled on good old granny for this set.

All in all it was a successful camping trip, until we had to get the tent back into its teeny tiny bag, why do they make the bags so small ??

Speak soon xx

Thursday, 21 April 2011

A moment of weakness

Hello all,
Last Thursday I was overcome by a moment of weakness when Cath Kidston announced a special offer day, it would have been rude to not have a little peek , there's no harm in looking is there ?
I couldn't help but click " BUY " when I saw these enamel tin mugs, perfect for camping and they match perfectly with my picnic bag.

I have never been so excited about mugs before, sad I know !

I'm hoping to make a start on some bunting this weekend, to adorn my tent and then my log cabin. I have decided to use colours from the CK mug that the children bought me for Christmas, such pretty colours.

I can't wait to get started, just need to make a decision on what pattern to use. I am torn between the wonderful bunting by Bunny mummy or the equally gorgeous pattern by Crochet with Raymond . Decisions, decisions....

As well as spending far too much time on the Internet shopping for tin mugs, I have been working on some boys booties. I had been asked to make some booties similar to my Mary Janes but for a boy and came up with these....

I've also made a little newborn hat using front post double crochet stitch, as I love the way it looks.

I'll leave with you a few piccies of Dudley who has had his first big boy hair cut this week.

Speak soon xx

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Elves and the shoemaker

Hi all, sorry I have been a bad blogger this week, I have spent most of the week feeling like the little guy above, staying up until all hours making little booties for orders, only when I came down in the morning the elves hadn't been to visit and the mess from the night before was still there. They are all done and posted now, just in time for the weekend.

This weekend is unfortunately a no crochet weekend as we are all very busy in the garden preparing for something very special.

Dylan was very eager to help his dad in the garden today, but only managed about 2 mins before he got side tracked by frogs.

Here they are working hard, clearing a space for this........................................

Isn't she beautiful , my very own log cabin. I'm so excited, a place for all my crafty bits.
I can't wait to paint her, adorn in bunting, crochet cushions and pretty jars of buttons and ribbons.
Right I'll have to be off now as I have to study the Cuprinol garden shades chart and decide on colours.
Speak soon xxx

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Blossom, Booties and Boys

Wow, what wonderful weather we have had this week, more Summer than Spring.
We have spent the weekend pottering about the garden and visiting the boating lake, which has a fabulous park and coffee shop.
A lovely afternoon was spent sitting outside the coffee shop, looking over the lake and admiring the most beautiful blossom.

I was quite impressed with this picture as it was taken on my mobile phone.
Once the coffee and cake had been consumed we walked over to the park area, unfortunately Dudley wasn't allowed on the park, so he and I sat on the grass near by, whilst Scott took Isla-Rose on the swings. I even managed to get a little crocheting done, perfect.

I'm still heavily inspired by the Royal theme at the moment and found the most amazing buttons on Folksy, Alexis Barn Creates... , gorgeous handcrafted buttons.
Here is what I have done with them...

So that's the blossom and booties, now for the boys !!.................................................

How cute !! They even have similar hair.

Speak soon xx

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

London Break

Hello lovely people,
You may remember a few posts back I mentioned a surprise for Lucie's 11th birthday.
The BIG surprise was a trip to London on the train, a theatre visit to see Lion King, then an overnight stay in a hotel.
We had the most fantastic time ever. We went with my mum and my niece, as it was her 9th birthday the week before.
They didn't know where they were going until we arrived at the train station.
We had a real girly weekend and I loved spending some special time with Lucie, who suddenly seems very grown up.

Lucie couldn't believe her luck when she realised she could have muffins, croissants, fry up and cereals for breakfast.

We couldn't have had asked for better weather, we even found time for an ice cream.

You may have noticed  the first picture includes me !!  Never before has my face been seen on this blog, I have only included this one as we look like sisters....ha my dreams.

In my last post I was busy making Royal bunting which I was going to put in my Folksy shop, but has since found a new home.
We are currently decorating Dylans room and he has gone for a red and blue theme, which is great as everything is red and blue at the moment, when he saw the bunting his face lit up "COOL , that will look great in my room". So that's where it is.

It looks perfect there, what a great idea Dylan.

Gosh look at the time, school run time already, then ballet, then ikea for some storage for Dyl's room, then it will definitely be Swedish meatball time, yum yum.

Speak soon xx

Friday, 1 April 2011

Gifts galore..

This post was supposed to be a birthday post, as both my girls have had birthdays this week. I am itching to tell you all about our exciting weekend, but in the last 2 days I have received the most wonderful swap gifts and feel that I owe these kind and talented ladies a big thank you, so I will save the birthday piccies for next time.

My first parcel to arrive was the Spring swap, my partner was the lovely Helen from The undomesticated scientist . They arrived in a huge box, how exciting!!
All the gifts were absolutely perfect, Helen had obviously studied my blog .

I received this wonderful up cycled jeans bag, with such pretty lining. It's already been adorned with a crochet flower and has had it's first trip out to the knit and natter group, the perfect size.
I also received a bright and fun lavender heart with the words " laugh" embroidered on the front, this is hanging near Isla's bed, I am hoping the lavender will help her sleep.
Starbucks coffee was also included, as was the ingredients to make crispy cakes, Helen has obviously took on board my limitations in the kitchen.
I also received several balls of wool, crochet magazine and some pretty ribbons.
Thank you so much. xx

My second parcel was a heart swap, my partner was Debs from Two bones and a bagle .
Debs wrapped her beautiful gifts in the prettiest heart paper with little labels on each, I had every intention of taking a photo to show you, but as I missed the postman yesterday I had to collect the parcel from post office whilst on the way out to lunch, obviously I couldn't be expected to wait until I got home to open it, so I will admit to opening it whilst sat in the car outside the post office, very childish I know.

If you look closely you will see I have already started eating the little heart biscuits, they are very yummy!
Lots of lovely little heart goodies, flip flops, chocolates, muffin cases, heart sandwich cutter, lip gloss and that's just the start, look at this wonderful gift......

..... a beautiful cushion cover, isn't it lovely?

Some beautiful tiny heart bunting.
Debs and I have both had a little chuckle at this as I sent her the very same tiny heart bunting, great minds think alike and all that. The pattern came from the talented Julia Crossland . I was planning to make some more of this bunting to hang above Isla's bed, now I don't have to.

Thank you ladies, I have been utterly spoilt.
Thank you also to Jackie at Sew special bears and Beki at Ramblings of an everyday mummy for organising these swaps.

Just enough time to show you a few little bits I have been playing with this week....

The beginning of some more Royal bunting.

Still enjoying the flowers, this one is now on my jeans bag.

Some little booties for my Folksy shop.

Speak soon xxx