Friday, 24 September 2010

What about the back?

I have finished the front of my granny cushion and I am really pleased with it, but as this is the first cushion I have done I am unsure as what to do with the back.
Do I sew it on to another ready made cushion, should I crochet a back, plain or patterned?
Should it involve some sort of opening ?  Do I make the back as a separate piece and sew it on after or can I join it to the cushion as I go along???
Please help!!
I really want to get this finished as I am itching to make a ripple blanket in the same colours to go with it, so worried about ruining the front if I get this wrong.

Speak soon xx


Sarah.Crochet said...

Ive seen many cushions made with squares. I love them. I think you should crochet a big square for the back. Then the cushion will have a dual purpose... its reversible!!!

Kandi said...

I will be watching this with interest, I have made a round one but not sure what on earth to do with it now, I can't face making another for the back, it took me forever to make the front! I think I might make an entire cushion cover and carefully hand sew the crochet to the front of the entire cusion.
Kandi x

Anonymous said...

Your cushion looks fantastic! Wooow I love it!
I advice, like Kandi said, to sew your crochet cover on a ready made cushion!That is what I always do and that is the simplest (and I think best) solution for cushions !

Jacquie said...

I would crochet a large granny square and close it with buttons,like Emma Lamb does,you can find her cushions on etsy.
Or you could use a felted jumper like Lucy at Attic 24
jacquie x
looks great so far :0)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Sorry I don't know anything about crochet but do love the colours you have used, it is gorgeous!

emerson-j said...

wow thats amazing! i also just finished my first cushion and cant sew , so i crocheted a big granny square for the back and now will just join with big buttons like the other bloggers have said. nice and easy...but looks good ;)

**Anne** said...

Oh Jacey, what a beautiful cushion cover, I love those flowers. I'm almost at the stage you are with a cover so I'm most interested in the advice you receive.
Looking forward to seeing the finished cushion.
Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting jacey and thanks also for directing me to rosehip, it made me laugh because i remembered her tutorial right after i visited your blog and i made a square with a flower based loosely on those instructions yesterday. have a great weekend.


Clara said...

My Aug.27 post has a pattern for a plain granny square and you could easily just pick one color to do it and keep adding rows as needed. I have though in some of my pillows similar to yours, simply double crocheted a square to fit the back and whip stitched them together or sc around-I usually am too anxious to get my projects done and rarely make an opening for a pillow, I simply make it all one piece. I make so many that I give away or use as a one of on a special chair that I do not worry as I will just replace it later when it needs to be washed.

Gillian said...

Oh it's just Darling!!!!
Lovely work, I look forward to seeing how you do finish it, lots of great ideas above :)

Vera said...

very pretty cushion - loves it!!

for the back, I would do one big granny square with the colours - but that's just me.

I just finished a crochet 'ripple' cushion - it was so much fun xoxo

'Joyce' said...

oh this is just so pretty. it reminds me of a bed cover my mum made for me which she still has, that i use when i stay down there. as for the back, could you do a single granny square in say your main fav colour, then do a couple of contrasting flowers just 'dotted' over the place, this way the cushion is reversible. Will be watching this space to see what you do. A ripple blanket to match - awesome.

~Niki~ said...

just too cute! well here's my experience...I had never made a cushion before either.
I recently made 2. I did this buy crocheting 4 fully granny squared sides. Thinking I would stitch 3 sides together, and leave one open for button closure. The problem I ran into is this...the Buttons don't hold it closed! Anyone lays on it and the buttons come off the yarn. I'm not sure what I did wrong. I think from the hassle if I did it again, I would just stitch the whole thing shut and if it got dirty worry about it then. lol. OR instead, you could just make a felt back or some such thing :)

Charles said...

I love your cushion! The squares are really pretty and i like the colours you've used.

Personally i think you shold crochet a back, possibly an envelope back with some funky buttons like other people have suggested.

Just found your blog and will become a follower. Look forward to seeing what you do with your cushion!

chinamommy said...

Oh it IS gorgeous!!! I love some of the ideas from the gals above!! it really looks beautiful!!

Terrie said...

Oh wow, your cushion is gorgeous! I love the colour combo's! xx

Aubrey said...

Hi, I love your cushion, really pretty colours! I had the same problem as you when I began and have a couple of options, probably not as simple as covering a bought plain cushion and sewing on. I either make a cotton cushion and stitch the crochet on to it either by hand or machine....carefully or, my favourite buy an op shop woolen jumper and make the cushion cover out of that before sewing the crochet on to it. You could put an opening into the back of the cushion or not. Good luck with all the suggestions, Aubrey

Helen said...

Hi there , your cushion looks lovely , i normally do a plain back and one side 3/4 quarters open with buttons , but whatever it looks lovely . thanks for stopping by my blog too !! Good luck , take care Helen xx