Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Christmas craft fair... help...

Just a quickie today, I am after ideas and help. I have decided to have a stall at the school christmas craft fair, I have never done anything like this before and I am now wandering what I have let myself in for.
I would be grateful for ideas and tips, I have exactly 1 month to get it all together.
Thankyou .
Speak soon xxx


Charles said...

Hi! I am also having a stall to sell some items at the end of this month at the school i work at. I have done lots of small things like slippers, wrist warmers, some scarves, key ring type things etc.Check out my blog if you like as i have just done a couple of posts with some pics of my items for sale. Good luck with it! I know its quite a scary feeling! Let me know when you think about pricing.. i am a bit stuck with that at the moment! The little slippers you have a post about could be quite cool, if they're quick and easy. I would say, simple is good when it comes to selling things.

Penelope said...

Hi Jacey, how exciting... why not crochet some fingerless glovesin an rray of colours, crochet some flowers and mkae into brooches, sew some hearts and stuff with lavender, make some jam in pretty bottles with ribbons and pretty labels xox hope you feel inspired and can get making x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

How exciting and scary all at the same time! I was going to do one at our school but have chickened out for this year :-)

~Niki~ said...

I've not done one either~However I hear the biggest thing is to make sure you have your site loaded~full of goodies. grab bags. small cheaper inexpensive items. people are looking for deals. maybe crochet ornaments? something you can whip up and charge little for?
Have a bowl of Christmas candy for FREE~take a piece kinda thing.
Kids always roam to that~and parents follow. have fun with it! let me know how it goes.

summerfete said...

Dont forget paper bags, from our fav online site.
Print out some cards with your details on, for comissions.
Have a good range of prices and keep them in the pounds, less hassle to give change back!
Price labels!!

Have fun, you'll love it.

Clara said...

Yes, from what I read it is important to have lots of the little stuff and baby items too. So many people learn of baby showers and are stuck what to do so this is your chance.

Josie said...

Hi Jacey, nice to have found your blog, thanks for following me too :-) I'm currently making a gazillion cotton washcloths for holiday gifts. You bundle them up with a sweet ribbon in sets of 2 or 4 along with a small bar of soap. They're so easy, I can knock out 2 washcloths in about an hour. I agree with Charles, try to keep it simple. Best of luck. xx Josie

Merry Makes.. said...

Small,quick to make items, pocket-money value for kids are best. Good luck!

joan said...

hi can't believe i've only just come across your blog, you live so near as well. Why not crochet some cupcakes, there are lots of free patterns and they are quick and easy to do. Good Luck

karen said...

Hi hun
Just popped by today thanks so much for popping over and leaving me such lovely comments. They really do brighten my day.

hmmmmmm craft fairs, never had the balls to do one myself lol. But I know a few people who do and it always seems to be the smaller cheaper items that sell the best so I would think about things look nice but that you can make quite quickly.

Good luck with it

Linda Gilbert said...

Good Luck -- Have fun and Jars of Chutney go really well --- Especially at this time of year -- with all the cold meats.
Make little gingham circles tied with ribbon on the lids