Sunday, 19 December 2010

Time for a new hat.

I have been struggling this week to find time to crochet, this has been due to Christmas parties, Christmas concerts, last minute Christmas shopping, wrapping presents.......the list goes on....and on.... roll on Wednesday when the children finally break up from school and we can lock ourselves away for a few days.
I did finally manage to find a little bit of me time last night, I knew I didn't have a long, an hour at the most, so out came the hook and a quick little hat pattern found at the wonderful Aesthetic Nest and in no time at all a new little cloche hat for Isla-Rose, in a beautiful plum colour.

Christmas wouldn't be complete with out a visit to Father Christmas, this is something else we have managed to squeeze in. We braved the elements and headed off to the local garden centre to visit the old man himself.
Isla has been merrily saying HO HO HO for the last few weeks each time she sees santa on the t.v or a picture, so we thought that maybe this year she may be pleased to see him, or maybe not.........

This santa was definitely onto a money spinner when we walked into the grotto, 2 minutes work for £8, luckily Lucie decided she was to old to see santa or it would have been £12, for 2 minutes in a shed with a screaming wriggling toddler. We will still do it all again next year though!!

Isla-Rose quickly forgot about the whole the thing after a visit to the coffee shop.

We bumped into another old fella on the way out of the garden centre, the kids loved him, we may just visit this one next year.

Speak soon xx


lovestitch said...

Hi Jacey,
The hat looks very cute, and Isla is soooooo great with it!
Thanks for your sweet words on my blog. Your post is lovely as always, it made me smile! :)
Enjoy your weekend and have a very merry Christmas!
Hugs, xxx

home made gorgeous said...

This is a beautiful hat and I love the colour, Isla looks very sweet in it. I am so impressed that you made this so quickly too! Sarah x

Bizzy Days said...

Your daughter looks so cute in the hat - the hat's a good pattern too, really pretty edging :0)
Have a great week Jacey, and if I don't message before, have a lovely Christmas too:)
Take care,
Donna x

**Anne** said...

Hi Jacey,
I love the hat, gorgeous pattern and colour and a beautiful little girl wearing it.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
Anne xx

Anneliese said...

What a beautiful hat and girl! Such a gorgeous combination.

Yarn, needles and a cup of coffee... said...

Hi Jacey!
Your photos are always so lovely! I got my purse frames from ebay, I only got a couple to try it out, if it works I want to make some for my Etsy shop. If you want to get some, go for the glue ones. The ones I got are a pain.. Have a nice week!x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a gorgeous hat, my new years resolution must be to learn to crochet!

I hope Isla-Rose wasn't too traumatised, he is a bit of a scary man really isn't he and he must be very rich by now :-)

Rebecca White said...

What a lovely hat, your little one looks so cute in it! Thank you for the comment, I am suprised you don't have snow, perhaps you will have a nice white christmas day when all your jobs are done :-)

Josie said...

Your little hat is adorable and your model even more so! Have a lovely holiday filled with much needed relaxation with your family. xx Josie

Penelope said...

Your baby girl looks ever so sweet in her crochet hat, lovely colour too. I wish I was crocheting when Alice was little, now she is 10 she can be a bit more picky about what mum makes for her !!! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, wishing you and your family a very memorable and happy Christmas xox

Clara said...

What a beautiful family you have. Pretty hat on Isla-Rose!