Friday, 8 October 2010

I shouldn't, but I have...

I know I shouldn't, but I have.. started another project that is. I was determined not to start anything else until I had finished my ripple blanket, but to be honest it has got a little boring!!
Whilst at the knit and natter group at my local yarn shop, I spotted this gorgeous wool, in fact I think it spotted me as it seemed to be jumping about on the shelf every time I looked up and whenever I passed it whispered " buy me please" in such a sweet voice, how could I not.

Hopefully this will turn out to be a big chunky flower scarf, with all those colours it should match everything I own.

I have to admit that as well as buying the wool I had to buy the pattern book also to go with it, so many beautiful knit and crochet patterns.

I keep finding myself looking at these cosy looking poncho's, do I need one?  Yes I think I do!
The pattern book in case you neeeed one to is by Twilleys of Stamford, unfortunately I couldn't get a link to work, I am sure it would be easy enough to find in a search engine.
I have dedicated this weekend just to the RIPPLE, so you should see something resembling a blanket on my next post.
Speak soon x


Clara said...

Looks good, thanks for sharing.

**Anne** said...

You have to have more than one project on the go. That's what being creative is all about. :-)
I love your new wool and I know if I'd been in that shop, it would have leaped out at me and jumped right into my bag. Looking forward to seeing what you make.
Have a fantastic weekend.
Anne xx

Gillian said...

Oh your chunky flower scarf is going to be Gorgeous!

Kandi said...

Oh I am the same I have so many half finished things lying around it's such a shame. I am like a magpie, my eye goes straight to the next shiny thing and I am off in a different direction! I love that scarf though it is incredible, the wool is perfect it would match everything I have too, perfect colours for this time of year!
Kandi x

'Joyce' said...

hi Jacey, I love your new scarf - and YES of course it was calling out to you. So glad the same happens to me too. lol. As for the poncho - every girl must have one, at least! What a lovely pattern too. I love your cushion and your ripple blanket colours are very cosy. Have a great week!

Just-Do said...

The wool you bought is so nice; I really like the combination of the colours (YES, there is purple in it!!) and you have chosen the perfect pattern for it; that is going to be a gorgeous chunky flower scarf.
And for the poncho's; of course you need one; every girl does.
Good luck with the ripple!

TK said...

Jacey I had no idea such a thing as a flower scarf existed: I love flowers & I love divine & that woll well yes it just had to be had.....absolutely, definitely...TK xx

TK said...

p - goiing to have to keep an eye on your blog now for the poncho to follow!!! TK xx

Kandi said...

Hi just me again, yes that Kusadama ball was a pain and a faff to do but not difficult, just lots of folds, lots of glue and a bit of luck mixed in!
Kandi x

karen said...

Hi hunni
Of course you can't have just one project on the go. It's just not possible hehehe. I'm always chopping and changing from one project to another. I don't blame you for having to buy that yarn it really does look yummy.
Hope you are well

deb@virginia blue said...

beautiful yarn!
and I agree... nothing wrong with having more than one project going at one time.

looking forward to seeing the finished ripple blanket, though :)

miss~nance said...

loving your chunky flower scarf, in fact if I could knit I owuld amke myself one int he same wool too.

Fellow Blogtoberfest participant here and first timer to your blog. Hoping to get around to all of the blogs. A great way of finding new blogs to follow.

Would love you to visit my blog


A Thrifty Mrs said...

It looks great. I love the colours and textures. I always have about 6 projects on the go at anyone time.

Thanks for your comment on my post the other day. It's such a strange situation. Thanks for your support.

Oh and before I go I have a giveaway on my blog at the moment, I'd love for you to enter.

Alexandra Mason said...

Hi thanks for comment, I have never done one of these swaps before and i have a different partner?? Gorgeous blog, have a lovely week x