Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sunshine & slippers

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful here in the midlands, non stop sunshine and blue skies all day, perfect weather for a walk in the autumn leafs.

Isla-Rose decided to abandon the path and venture up a muddy bank on her hands and knees, I knew there would be only one way down....

.....that's on her bottom.  I did question my decision to put her in a skirt when I knew we were going walking, but she started the day looking so pretty.

Isla-Rose loved having big sister Lucie and big brother Dylan to play with her.

Dylan especially loved the responsibility I gave him of being in charge of Isla on the park.

Sometimes it's worth taking hundreds of pictures if it means you can capture special moments like these.

Lucie has been complaining of cold feet this week, this time last year we had carpets downstairs but have since had a solid wooden floor fitted,  I have to admit it's not that cosy so I decided to have a go at some slipper socks for her. I found a great pattern here that I thought I would try.

I had to add a chunky funky button as they were a bit wide around the ankle, she loves them and hasn't complained once since having them, hubby thinks they are just plain weird.

Here they are glued to her feet. If you look closely you will notice that she is doing something wonderful...... she is crocheting !!!!! Look at all those granny squares she has done this week, I now have somebody to go wool shopping with!!!!

I am off now to work on the poncho and watch Nigellas Kitchen, hopefully I'll get chance to post an update on the poncho tomorrow.
Speak soon xxx


deb@virginia blue said...

Such sweet pictures!! You have ADORABLE children :)

Anonymous said...

I had to have a look to see where you were from when you mentioned the Midlands and you aren't that far away from me - about an hour. We are watching Nigella now and I had to laugh at my husband who has commented whilst watching that he was browsing the usual rubbish on the internet and "somehow" came across a picture of Nigella with her boobs out which I thought was hilarious so I'm off to have a look and a laugh as I think it's most likely a doctored photo lol!! Can you ever imagine her doing something like that!!!

bekimarie said...

Love the photo of your daughter crocheting!
Jess has been sat down with Me of an evening knitting, they look about the same age too!

B xxx

sylviesgarden said...

Oh how I wish that my two would get along like your children do!
Those slippers are great. You might have just given me my next project.
Thanks for sharing.

PaisleyJade said...

What precious pics.

Loving those slippers - and your girl is amazing for doing those granny squares! Can't wait to teach my girls... maybe I should teach the boys!!??

Jacquie said...

Hi Jacey, great autumn photos. Special memories captured for posterity :0)
Love the slippers you made and your daughters crochet. She looks so proud in the photo :0)
Jacquie x

Gillian said...

awwww....those photos of your walk and play in the park are beautiful keepsakes :)

Love, love, love those slippers - how fabby!!!
and how cool that Lucie has started making granny squares, She has done a brilliant job and such pretty colours :)

lovestitch said...

Great pictures and great children! I love the way a child doing crochet! Awesome!!!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a wonderful day, it is fab when the little ones have bigger brothers and sisters to look after them and play with them - magical.

Love those slippers - they are fantastic.

Wow, your daughter looks like she is nearly ready to make her own blanket - I wish I could crochet!

~Niki~ said...

what sweet pictures!

Crochet with Raymond said...

those slippers are fantastic! I love them!!!

Penelope-by-the-Sea said...

Hi Jacey
My daughter Alice and I were up in the cotswolds earlier on this week and the autumnal sunshine days were divine. Children are so precious when enjoying nature.
Your slipper socks you made are funkalicious and look super cosy. I think it's fab that Lucie is learning from her mum a lifelong skill of crochet. Alice is only interested in knitting at the moment (she is 10) and fortunately she is a fan of yarn barns xox

Marion said...

...ohhh, those slippers are so great!
Many Greetings and your Blog are fantastic.
Many Greetings,

Clara said...

Great post with beautiful photos full of emotion and the slippers are great and a new crocheter in the making? Wonderful!

Vera said...

adorable photos!!! and love those slippers!