Friday, 6 August 2010

Cats,crafts and cakes.

Thank you to everybody who took the time to read my first post and for all the lovely comments, and an even bigger thank you to all those who have decided to follow my blog, it is reassuring to know that I am not just talking to myself as I have heard that this is the first sign of madness.

Now that it has been confirmed that I am not going mad I will fill you in with all that I have been up to  since my last post.
I have decided to take part in The 52 mmm challenge as found on A thrifty mrs blog. With the weather being a bit grim this week we have had to spend more time indoors than we would have liked but this has allowed me to have more craft time yippee!!, so I am off to a cracking start.
For my first make I found the most adorable pattern at MarmaladeRose, a cute little kitty, she was so easy and quick to make, just one evening.

Kiki the kitty has proven to be very popular and with having 3 children I am having to make 3 kitty's. Kitty number 2 is already under construction, this ones going to be a boy.

Lucie and I have also been making yummy things in the kitchen, I have to admit to not being the best when it comes to anything culinary, but we managed to make some very tasty butterfly cakes.

Lucie and Dylan have also been busy crafting this week and I am now the proud new owner of Mr 'n' Mrs Spoony, They have pride of place sitting in a jug on my kitchen window, perfectly placed to make me smile whilst doing the most boring job of all, the pots.

I've also had time this week for a quick visit to the local charity shop and found myself the most wonderful craft book for only 20p. It's titled ' The book of handicrafts' by St Michael and was published in 1975, it has the most fabulous and fun photographs, here are a few of the best.

This book has inspired me to try another craft for my next make. Many years ago my nanna gave me an old sewing machine which has lived a dusty old life in my garage, I think now is the time to dust it down and bring it back to life and have a little go, there's only one small problem and that is that I haven't used a sewing machine for 17 years, but hey how hard can it be??.........famous last words.  xx


Jacquie said...

Hi Jacey, love your kitty and the cakes look scrummy. Good luck wiyh the sewing machine. My old singer is a tempramental old gal, but we have a lot of history so I put up with her !
Jcaquie x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

ohh that kitty is soooo cute! Loving the wooden spoon dolls, fab idea, may steal that if you don't mind :-)

Re cakes, have a nose on my blog for some muffin recipes, they are so easy to make and taste yum :-) There is a tag on the side for Muffins.

karen said...

Ok so now I have a terrible case of the wanties lol But since it's now a quarter to one in the morning I don't think I'll be making either cat or cake just now( maybe tomorrow)hehehe

Seriously they both look great.

Go for it with the sewing machine it opens up sooo many new paths in crafting I could never live without mine now
Good luck and can't wait to see what you make first


bekimarie said...

Love the cat, so cute1
Welcome to blog land, look forward to reading more.

B xxx

Knithappens said...

OMG sewing machines and me do not mix well, but I am toying with buying a new one, and mastering it, as there is so much i want to do for the home which woudl cost a frcation of the price if homemade. Lovelil kitty too cute.