Tuesday, 10 August 2010

How hard can it be........

Very, it was very hard, I am referring back to my last post when I announced I was going to dig out the old sewing machine buried beneath a pile of junk in my garage. I haven't touched a sewing machine in 17yrs.
I'm not sure how old this sewing machine is and obviously it didn't come with any instructions, needless to say we didn't get on well together, after 15 minutes of pulling, pressing, pushing, threading, huffing and puffing that sewing machine went straight back on top of that pile of junk.
I won't let this beat me as I know I can do it. I think I need a quick crash course round at nannas house and something a bit more user friendly.

Apart from the disaster with the sewing machine, I have had a lovely weekend and managed to get quite a bit of crafting done. I now have a new man in my life... Kevin.. he is so cute.

Don't they make an adorable couple.

One more Kitty to do for Lucie, hopefully she'll be complete by the end of the week.

Lucie has also been feeling crafty this weekend and spent most of sunday sat out in the sun beading bracelets.

Such a serious face.

I haven't been allowed to see the finished item as it's a gift for me, she has also jumped on the home made xmas bandwagon.

Something amazing has happened in my garden over the weekend, I have ONE RED TOMATO, yipee!!!!! This year is the first year I have ever grown anything edible. I decided to grow courgettes and tomatoes, the courgettes are a huge success, we have had courgettes with everything, but I was beginning to worry about the tomatoes as the fruit had been a decent size for a long time and lives in a very sunny spot, but worry no more at last our tomatoes are turning red!!

My new project is to be a granny flower square cushion, I have to have one after seeing so many beautiful ones on other blogs. This is my progress so far..

I shall keep you posted on its development.
Time for just one more photo..... some gorgeous flowers picked for me by Lucie and Dylan, oh bless them.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I love your cats... I made one similar using a pattern from Marmalade rose's blog... unfortunately e never quite got completed! lol

I have a sewing machine and it too is a little unused and unloved... I wish i had somewhere to keep it out so I could sit and create whenever i wanted to but by the time I think of getting it out its time to dish up tea and it gets put off for another day... which never comes!

I too have tried growing something edible this year and started with tomatoes and corgettes.. and I have one red tomato too, exciting isn't it! ;D

x Alex

karen said...

awww I am sorry you didn't quite hit it off with mrs sewing machine. But if it make's you feel any better I can honestly tell you that I managed to break no less than 3 old sewing machines before I got the hand of it lol. Make the most of the www and search for tutorials on besic machine skills there are hundreds out there.

We like to do a bit of veg in our garden too. Our courgettes didn't do very much this year but we got loads of tomato's and we lost all of our garlic and onions to the hen's lol.
I'm loving your flower granny square can't wait to see the finished piece.
Hope your enjoying the holidays

HoldMyHand said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I've enjoyed reading your posts will add you to my links!
I love your crochet, the flower Grannys are gorgeous.

I don't know if you have one near you but Lidl are supposed to have some Singer sewing machines in tomorrow....although only if you have £80 lying about, which I know I don't!

Failing that keep fiddling with your old machine, it's all trial & error!


mother of purl said...

Very pretty granny squares- I really wish i could crochet. Have you tried looking on youtube for sewing machine tutorials? I couldn't work out how the heck to use my button hole function but found a tute on youtube for my exact machine. Thanks for commenting on my blog xx

chinamommy said...

Oh boy, I am NO friend of a sewing machine either! I have an AMAZING embroidery/sewing machine that is WAY WAY WAY too good for me...

Anonymous said...

I just fell in love with Kevin! And if you've got a make and a model number for your machine then there are some pretty good websites where you can download the instructions either for free or a small charge...I recently inherited a knitting machine and that's what I did after an hour of struggle! Hope that helps, I'll keep checking your blog to see how you get on! Good luck! xx

Hearthandmade said...

hey!! Thank you for following my blog! Your wee kittys are so cute from crochet :) i adore that jug. My bf is called Dillan too. Hope it goes better with the sewing machine! im a whizz if you need any help :)

OfficeTYPE said...

Those squares are so pretty!