Friday, 27 August 2010

Cute Kitchen

Look what I have been given,  isn't it sooo cute?
A gorgeous vintage handmade little girls kitchen, this was kindly given to me by my closest friends mother in law. It had been in her loft for about 30 years. I can't wait to give it a clean up, some new handles, perhaps a little bit of pretty fabric on the top cupboards behind the mesh.
It has the cutest little pictures on it.

This kitchen will be a gift for Isla-Rose for Christmas, I am hoping to crochet an array of yummy food to go with it.  I have already made a start with some delicious cakes.

I would be grateful for any pattern ideas for the food,  some fruit and veg would be great.
Wondering if I am up to making a little tea set to go with it, some little tea cups hanging from the hooks would look divine.

Whilst I am on the cake theme I thought I would share with you some little edible ( I use this term loosely as I am no Delia) cakes that I made to take with me to a pirate themed party that we were invited to this week.

They were great fun to make, and the best thing about them is that they left you with black teeth, just like a real pirate!!

Thanks for popping in.  xx


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Aww what a cute kitchen unit... and i remember those stickers they use to be on my mums cot that I think all my brothers and I slept in...
I have a couple of chrochet patterns for fruit, vegetables and cakes... I will have to dig them out for you...

I wish I could bake cakes... perhaps once we have finished the kitchen I will give it another go... those look fantastic... they would be excellent for Halloween too!

x Alex

mother of purl said...

oooh that really is fabulous- I'm sure it will be well re-loved" Love your cakes too xx

Jacquie said...

Love you button rings, they are perfect.
The cute kitchen is beautiful,it will look amazing after your makeover .Love your idea for lots of edible crochet!
Thanks for your comments over at my blog
Jacquie x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh what a lovely little kitchen!

Vera said...

That lil kitchen looks so cute!!! the pictures are darling! and those cupcakes are amazing! xo

bekimarie said...

What a gorgeous kitchen, I love the images.
Your crotchet cakes are great, I have been making cakes and biscuits from felt!
Now get on and find that corner ;)
We've recently moved to a smaller place so my corner is in the bedroom and only a very small space but I love it and can't wait to fill it with all my bits and bobs!

B xxx

bekimarie said...

Forgot to say, love your jug xxx

Arctic Mum: said...

Hi, thanks for your comment! I love that old cabinet, that is so beautiful and to die for! Unfortunately I'm not a skilled crocheter..but I'm trying all the time.

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - so glad I found your blog! Love the kitchen. I make felt donuts and biscuits but would love to find patterns to crochet yummy treats like that as well!

Just-Do said...

Hi Jacey, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm so jealous of your kids; that little kitchen cabinet is just amazing. Makes me want to be a kid all over again.
How nice of you to make cakes to go along with it. I'm curious how this develops.

pinkfluffywarrior said...

Hi! There is an award on my blog for you! xx

elenor said...

just found your blog and your request for patterns. maybe these links can help you: clip on the foto to get the patterns
here you can download the adorable pattern of knitted Petit Fours .

and this is also a source for food-pattern:

I hope this is helpful for you. and please excuse my poor English - I am from Austria!
I wish you the best!