Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Handbags and Rainmacs.

I have decided to put my granny square cushion aside for now and concentrate on the task in hand, which is xmas.
I have borrowed a wonderful book from the library " weekend crochet for babies" by Sue Whiting, amongst the patterns for booties,hats and cardigans I found a pattern for an adorable little bag, I couldn't resist giving it a go.

It's just perfect for a little girl and all those important bits that she has to carry. This bag will  be a gift for my niece, I will fill it with all sorts of xmas goodies ( chocolate Santa's, pretty hair accessories, .....)

Who's is that chubby little hand?????
With those dimples it can only be one person...


The weather here has been so unpredictable this week, really hot one minute then thunder and bouncing rain the next,  we got so bored and fed up with being indoors that on Saturday we took our chances, packed a picnic, packed our rain macs and went for a walk.
We decided on a trip to the boating lake, all was going well until .. yes you've guessed it ..the heavens opened.

We also made the mistake of taking scooters, once the rain had stopped the path became a huge dirty puddle, Lucie and Dylan no longer wanted to ride their scooters and moaned all the way round dragging their scooters behind them.
We thought it would make a nice change for Isla-Rose to go round on her trike, so we didn't take the pushchair, another huge huge mistake as once Isla-Rose had been allowed the freedom to run around she refused point blank to get back on her trike, no amount of bribing with juice and raisins was going to get that little girl back on that trike.

So there we were, soaking wet carrying a wriggling crying toddler, pushing a trike, picking up scooters that were frequently left on the side of the path, but there was still a smile on my face (sort of) as I knew that once we reached the end, there to greet me would be the COFFEE SHOP, I could taste the cappuccino and chocolate cake......and yes you've guessed right the time we got there it was CLOSED!!!

Monday we decided to try again. We packed another picnic and the pushchair and headed off to Elvaston castle and this time we hit the jackpot, the sun shone all day.

  Somehow I managed to catch on camera this touching moment between Dylan and his sweet.


Deb said...

Hi Jacey, if you link this post to my a present a week post on my blog you would go in the draw to win fabric!! there's a bunch of us working on Christmas stuff you can join in!!

Bellgirl said...

Hi Jacey, I love the bag! I'm over from Deb's blog, and I'm doing A Present A Week till Christmas too.

Vera said...

oooo, i love the bag! so cute! xo